Book Review – The Only Plane In The Sky: An Oral History of 9/11

The Only Plane in the Sky – An Oral History of 9/11
By Garrett M. Graff
Genre: Non Fiction


The first comprehensive oral history of September 11, 2011 — a panoramic narrative woven from the voices of Americans on the front lines of an unprecedented national trauma. Over the past eighteen years, monumental literature has been published about 9/11. But one perspective has been missing up to this point — a 360-degree account of the day told through the voices of the people who experienced it. Drawing on never-before-published transcripts, recently declassified documents, original interviews and oral histories from nearly five hundred government officials, first responders, witnesses, survivors, friends and family members, Graff paints the most vivid and human portrait of the September 11 attacks yet. The Only Plane in the Sky weaves together the unforgettable personal experiences of the men and women who found themselves caught at the center of an unprecedented human drama. The result is a unique, profound and searing exploration of humanity on a day that changed the course of history, and all our lives.


I thought I had read everything that was out there about the events that transpired on 9/11, but this book proved me wrong. I listened to the book on Audible every chance I got and I must say that version is superbly narrated. I enjoyed it so much that I purchased the physical copy of the book to keep in my personal “library”. I would highly recommend listening to the book if you get a chance. I gave the book 5/5 stars.

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